“Unicron Loev”

from Mind the Gap (2016) by Raleigh Ritchie

(This has nothing to do with the “Anatomy of a Breakup Playlist” series I talked about earlier. Part II of that is still on its way.)

I recently added this song to my “Songs I Like Right Now” playlist, which, as the name suggests, is just a playlist full of songs that I’ve been enjoying listening to recently (you can find the full playlist on my “About” page). There’s no special story behind why I like the song. Lyrically, it’s a fairly standard love song, although I do find that Ritchie’s referring to his love as a unicorn is an adorable sentiment. I also like the sound of the unicorn galloping along to some magical chimes at the end.

In the past couple of years, this smooth R&B with some brighter electronic elements is the kind of sound I’ve been most drawn to. Sometimes my ears just get tired of the harsh, clangy sounds in a lot of other pop music. (Side Note: generally, when I say “pop music,” I’m referring to pretty much anything that’s not considered some classical form of art music. Just FYI.) I guess songs like this one are kind of soothing to me in that way.

Also, it turns out that Raleigh Ritchie is the same person as Jacob Anderson, who plays Grey Worm on Game of Thrones, so this song is obviously about Missandei.


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