“Heavenly Father,” she sang sotto voce…

Ugh, it’s been one of those weeks (well, let’s be honest, it’s been like two or three of those weeks).

I’ve learned that during these bouts of depression/anxiety/general bleh, it’s best to just ride it out as smoothly as I can until it passes. So, honestly, I haven’t really been doing much lately other than watching TV, which is how I came across a song that I’m desperate to find and listen to. It’s from Season 3 Episode 1 of The Magicians. Here’s a clip of the part of the episode the song plays in:

Obviously, if you’re not familiar with The Magicians, the dialogue probably won’t mean anything to you, so try not to get too distracted.

According to Tunefind, the song is by Soto Voce and is called “Heavenly Father.” The problem is, I’ve been through Soto Voce’s available catalog in all of the usual places (Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube), and I can’t seem to find any such song. I’ve even tried to reach out to Soto Voce to ask about it, though I’ve yet to receive any reply.

A bunch of commenters on Tunefind claim to have also contacted the group, including one Abyers, who was supposedly able to confirm (through Ann Kline, music supervisor for The Magicians) that the song is called “Heavenly Father,” and that it’s currently unreleased.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens with it. In the meantime, this one by Soto Voce (from their More Than Human EP) is pretty good:


Citing ’80s new wave and ’90s industrial music as references for their sound, Soto Voce’s members (Miguel De Vivo and Mia Soto) have also discussed how their personal backgrounds have informed some of the darker and more rebellious undertones in their music’s message (for example here and here) . With De Vivo’s experience as an immigrant fleeing drug-related violence in Colombia, and Soto’s struggles with growing up as a gender non-conforming boy in Oakland’s East side in the ’90s, I have no doubt that the pair has some pretty interesting stories to tell. So, fingers crossed that “Heavenly Father” makes its official appearance in the near future, but frankly, I’m pretty interested to hear whatever Soto Voce does next.



4 thoughts on ““Heavenly Father,” she sang sotto voce…

  1. Wow.. so this is it.. unreleased! song… , thx Shayne! GJ ! … I’ve searched for days and decided to let the time do this job.. and come back later to see the results …


  2. Been digging so hard for this track!! I tweeted at Soto Voce but nothing as of yet. I’m thinking it will be released on the LP because Humans is the EP. fingers crossed!!!

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