Rest In Peace

Are you at peace?
It’s a common cliche.
“Rest now,” we say,
But are you at peace?

Your body’s all bones in a crack in the earth,
Or maybe some hair here or there,
But are you at peace?

We didn’t upload your mind
With some youth fountain software.
Images in clouds are just numbers in air.
When you think, you’re alive.

So are you at peace?
In darkness and silence incomprehensible?
Your legacy, at times, can seem indefensible.
The memories in our minds
Don’t give you material.
Words, themselves, ethereal.
Vibrations and waves from an electric guitar
Make me feel like you can’t be far,
But are you?
Are you at peace?

Can you be, I mean?
We’ve photographed the cosmos.
They’re nothing but stars, maybe just like ours.
Perhaps there’s another you out there
And another me.
Maybe you’re both gone.

Wherever you are,
If ever you are,
Could the you that remains
After the power’s gone out in your brain
Ever possibly contain
Any semblance of emotion or the notion

Of peace?

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